About Princess Planet

About Princess Planet

Princess Planet is a brand of children’s entertainment that helps promote princess characters with diverse hair textures, skin tones, and cultural backgrounds. Princess Planet redefines what it means to be a princess. All of our children are special and when they strive to be their best and positively impact the world they are royalty. Princess Planet teaches children to reach for high goals and to believe in themselves and their unique talents.

Princess Planet’s authentic characters were created by women from all over the world, who aim to empower and celebrate diversity. Each story helps to increase cultural pride, inter-cultural understanding, inner beauty, and self-worth.

Princess Planet is a great way to learn about science, geography, diverse languages, and history with characters every child can relate too. Parents of many cultures, ethnicities, and demographics have faced the challenges of providing content to their children that accurately represents cultural and ethnic diversity. Studies show that children learn better when they can culturally relate to learning materials. Of equal importance, is teaching children at an early age about diverse cultures in order to promote acceptance, tolerance, and exploration. Many children love princess characters, but much work is needed to level the playing field. Princess Planet aims to fill the void by providing characters who are captivating, impactful, and long overdue.

The future of the next generation relies on the values, morals, inner-pride, and respect we instill in our children today. All children deserve content that celebrates diversity and teaches children to explore, learn and love themselves and the world.

“Any parent with a daughter can relate to the trouble of finding children’s content that will provide them with ‘true’ cultural diversity and great values. I started Princess Planet so our daughters can see themselves, their friends, and their classmates as royalty, and strive to be the best that they can be” (Israel Cook, CEO of Princess Planet).

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