About the Authors

About the Authors

authorIsraelIsrael Cook the lead author and founder of Princess Planet started this journey a few years ago because of his daughter. He saw a large void in the princess characters she loved and the diversity that was available in the market place. From that point on he decided to be a part of the solution and not to wait for other companies to invest in the next generation of princess lovers. Israel understands that so many cultures are underrepresented or misrepresented in children’s entertainment. Israel and his team work hard to celebrate diversity without stereotyping culture and ethnicities.

“Any parent with a daughter can relate to the trouble of finding children’s content that will provide them with ‘true’ cultural diversity and great values. I started Princess Planet so our daughters can see themselves, their friends, and their classmates as royalty and strive to be the best that they can be” (CEO of Princess Planet, Israel Cook).



coauthorkimKim N. Archung, Ph. D. is a co-author and co-founder of Princess Planet. Kim has lived and worked in various places around the globe. She considers herself a global citizen and is dedicated to the educational advancement of children and youth worldwide. She enjoys writing children’s stories that reflect the histories and cultural experiences of children from around the world. Her creative works focus on empowering the next generation of children by helping them understand and appreciate their own history and cultural experiences and those of others.

“When children and young people are able to see themselves positively reflected in the images of popular iconography they can imagine themselves creating a more just and equitable world” (Kim N. Archung, Co-founder of Princess Planet).

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