Princess Ami

Princess Ami


Nickname: Princess Ami
Full Name: Princess Aminata
Age: 21
Favorite Color: Red and Green
Favorite Food: Cassava Leaves

Languages: English, Mende & Krio.
Life Goals: To empower her country through politics.

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2 thoughts on “Princess Ami

  1. What is her actual story. This site doesn’t really provide real information about the stories of the princesses. Do they go on adventures? Are there individual story books about each princess? My daughter loves the coloring book but I hesitate to buy the book because it does not seem as if they are written in a storybook fashion.

    • Hello Pam, “An Octet of Odes” book series offers eight poems about eight unique princess characters from around globe. Volume one and two introduce sixteen characters in total; each character has their own poem. However, books that dive greater into the individual characters are in development but won’t be available this holiday season.

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