Authenticity is Key

Authenticity is Key

Many hands went into creating characters for Princess Planet that both teach and excite children, while positively depicting the people of the regions each character represents. In order to achieve authenticity, it was vital to include women from all over the world in the creation of Princess Planet characters. We wanted to ensure all of the characters have authentic features, characteristics, and heritage. The women behind the characters are the secret to creating princesses people can relate to, for Princess Planet’s goal is to have a princess for everyone.

All sixteen of our authentic characters were created by women from around the world, who aim to empower and celebrate diversity. Each woman had either first or second generation ties with her character’s country of origin. Each woman personally worked on the development of her character’s personality, appearance and core story. This entire process took over 6 months to complete.

Some of the woman based their characters on mythology, or stories they were taught as children. Others based their characters on historic women, and several of the characters are based on the creator’s themselves. All of the characters are unique and amazing.

With your support we plan to include even more girls, women, and cultures in our stories as we continue to collaborate with women who recognize the importance of showcasing characters who authentically represent the cultures of the world. Princess Planet seeks to build a genre of princess characters that all children can relate to as they explore the world with inner-pride.

One thought on “Authenticity is Key

  1. First off, I would like to say, as a woman born and raised in African culture it’s good to see beautiful ,strong, smart and bold female role models. Finally, there is a presentation of diversity across the board of these fictional and real life ladies, that is introduced on a global scale.
    The graphics and storylines are AMAZING. I am drawn in and left wanting more! The all around foundation of this novel idea is necessary and well-timed for the girls everywhere and literature in general.
    Bottom line; my little one and I have read the books of this whimsical world numerous times. Educative and entertaining, Love it, and I have been left holding my breath for more!

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