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    • I heard you on Maggie Linton show today. Thank you for addressing the issue. My granddaughter has taken a long time to love her very kinky hair. Most of her classmates fit into the typical portrayal of a princess so it’s really nice to find something that she can relate to. I will be purchasing your books for her, hopefully through a local black owned bookstore in Montgomery, AL but if not, through Amazon.com.

      • Hello Michelle
        Thank you for sharing your story. Your granddaughter and many girls currently not shown in the princess spectrum can find characters here that have hair, skin and cultural backgrounds that they can relate to and be proud of. She can take pride in her beautiful kinky hair just like many of our princesses do. Our books are currently not in bookstores in AL but we will work to get them there. If you know of any stores we should reach out to please share. You can also purchase at http://www.amazon.com/author/princessplanet

    • Joyce G. Smith-Williams

      We need you here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A higher level of consciousness is needed to help our little girls know that they are special. If the truth be told grown women need this recognition and inclusion.

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