Sankofa Bookstore Recap

Sankofa Bookstore Recap

Call me old fashioned but I have always preferred for books to be read aloud to an audience in a close and intimate setting. This ideal still holds true at Sankofa Video, Books, and Café. In the heart of the Nation’s Capital, this hidden jewel allows the community a richly diverse selection of authors, poets, programs and events.

On November 14, 2015, Sankofa hosted the first Princess Planet book reading. Partnered with a local author Israel Cook, this event drew in a healthy crowd of readers, both young and old, who came to hear Princess Planet Volumes 1 and 2 narrated by 8-year-old Alyssa and 7-year-old Nia. An interactive discussion and book signing between the audience and the author followed their narrative reading.

Princess Planet: An Octet of Odes is a look at a world of culturally diverse female characters who deliver a strong and positive message. Israel and his team came up with a thorough and thoughtful creative way to bring words and images of multicultural princesses to life. Princess Planet is an important, insightful contribution to young children’s reading activity. With Sankofa’s support and continued partnership, Princess Planet will continue to thrive and encourage youngsters’ love of reading.


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